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Place of Origin: Anping,Hebei Province
Supply Ability: ≥50000pieces
Company certificate: ISO 9001
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union,paypal

Products Details

Curvy welded mesh fence Advantages:
* Cost Effective
The welded mesh fence panels provide competitive price levels whilst retaining high quality, rigidity and performance.
* Long Life
Galvanized and PVC coated of corrosion resistance for long life and low maintenance and attractive appearance.
* High Strength
The welded mesh fence panels are welded from strong steel wire, with rectangular mesh and horizontal reinforcements that give the panels a high strength.
* Rapid Installation
All components attractive fence with the other components which achieves professional and high quality fencing, installed with maximum effectiveness.


The panels are secured laterally on the posts with specialized fixing made out of metal (security clips). The tubular posts (50X70mm, or 70X100mm) in H -shape are covered with a plastic cap.Specifications can be customized.

Coating Techniques & Colors
The welded mesh fence panels are galvanized before PVC-coating adhesion to the product surface in accordance with the GB/T18226-2000 standard.
The Colors of PVC coatings usually are RAL6005 and RAL9003. Other colors can be requested.

Curvy welded mesh fence application:
The welded mesh fencing can be used for gardens, factory, road , highway, public buildings , parks, government buildings, ball court, industry & commercial sector.


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