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Material of steel grating: Mild Steel or Stainless Steel

Weaving: plain weave, twill weave, bamboo flower weaving, knitting contrast

Features of steel grating: High strength, light structure, a strong bonding structure of the grid so that it has a high load, the structure of light, easy lifting; shape beautiful, durable, hot-dip zinc surface treatment so that it has a very good corrosion resistance, surface gloss appearance ; ventilation, lighting, cooling, explosion-proof, anti-skid performance is good; no plot dirt, rain and snow is not the plot, not water, self-cleaning, easy to maintain.

Usage of steel grating: widely used in petroleum chemical industry, power plants, water plants, sewage treatment plants, municipal works, sanitation engineering and other fields of the platforms, walkways, trench trestle bridge cover, covers, ladders, fence, fence, etc.

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