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Stair tread is made of steel grating, widely used for different types of steel ladders, featuring easy installation, strong structure aesthetic appearance and good water permeability. We can fabricate according to customers sizes

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Mainly for industrial platforms, ladders pedal, railings, the channel floor, railway bridge side road, aerial tower platform, gutter covers, manhole covers, road grille, parking lots, offices, schools, factories, enterprises, playgrounds, Villa of the fence, also used as Bed outer windows, balcony guardrail, highway, railway guardrail ladder pedal steel grid plate is non-slip and side plus a combination of deep-processed products.


Anti-Slip Flooring Stair tread is a range of pre-engineered, pre-formed anti-slip sheets designed to simply fit onto any existing floor surface. Tough and long-lasting, the anti-slip surface provides complete safety in virtually all conditions. Very easy to install and clean, Anti-Slip Flooring can be cut to your requirements, or trimmed onsite for a fitted finish.

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